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Sip N Sup Club - Gold Coast

Sip N Sup Club - Gold Coast

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PO Box 8896 Gold Coast Mail Centre, Bundall QLD 9726

0412 757 535


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About Us

Meets each fortnight at a great restaurants around the Gold Coast. All men welcome for beer, wine and food. We critique restaurants, have guest speakers but most of all we have a lot of fun. Generally Thursday afternoons, however, some evening events. There are 23 meetings per year. Gain more information on facebook and search for @sipnsupgc and/or phone Michel on 0412 757 535.

Established in 1996, our Group of members include many professional and business areas including Accounting, Banking, Building, Information Technology, Electricians, Plumbers, Law, Manufacturing, Medicine, Motor Industry, Natural Resources, Real Estate, General Insurance Broker, Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, Tourism and Valuers.

We visit Restaurants on a fortnightly basis and vote on food, beverages and the ambience of the restaurant. At our Annual General Meeting each year, we award plaquest to the restaranteurs of those restaurants who are winners of our various catergories. Many celebrities and overseas guests also attend. The award winners are reported in the press and throughout the year, we advise the press of our activities.

At the end of the luncheon, two members express opinions on the food and wine provided. Voting by financial members of our club only is then recorded for awards and a summary of the voting cards is then given to the restaurant.

We have other functions throughout the year which include, Christmas Functions (usually a cruise), Partner Evenings and Partner Race Days.

We are always looking for new like minded members. Our current Executive Team are:


1966 George Schofield





1971 Dr Glen McCabe

1972 Dr Glen McCabe 

1973 Len Drummond

1974 Phil Hall 

1975 Phil Hall

1976 Phil Hall

1977 Phil Shakespeare 

1978 Stu Patton 

1979 Stu Patton 

1980 Alan Heffernan

1981 Don Brooks 

1982 Joe Spina

1983 Bill Fehr 

1984 Alan McGilvray 

1985 Mike Mouglalis

1986 Mike Mouglalis 

1987 Jeff Chandler 

1988 David Lindeblad 

1989 David Lindeblad 

1990 Gary Hoffmann 

1991 John Wilkie

1992 John Wilkie

1993 Malcolm Tucker

1994 Malcolm Tucker

1995 Malcolm Tucker

1996 Gary Hoffmann

1997 Gary Hoffmann

1998 Don Kerr

1999 Peter Scott

2000 Gordon Poole

2001 Gordon Poole

2002 John Barr

2003 Tony Keating

2004 Peter Jamieson

2005 Bruce Trounce

2006 Paul Robinson

2007 Paul Robinson

2008 Brian Findlay

2009 Brian Findlay

2010 Brian Findlay

2011 Brian Findlay

2012 Paul Robinson

2013 George Buratowski

2014 George Buratowski

2015 Paul Robinson

2016 Brian Finlay

2017 Paul Robinson

2018 Martin Godfrey

2019 Martin Godfrey

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