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What is Mediband?

Mediband is an emergency medical information service providing ready-to-wear and custom engraved identification alert bracelets and 24hr-accessible web-based medical information to medical personnel and first responders in emergencies. Mediband medical ID bracelets provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, critical medical information can be conveyed to emergency personnel.

  • Insure against incorrect diagnosis & treatment
  • Raise awareness of medical conditions such as allergies
  • Provide vital medical & contact information in emergencies

Medibands cater for specific conditions such as Allergies, Diabetes and Epilepsy amongst others - custom made bracelets are also available.  Mediband® bracelets can be linked to the MedibandPlus web-based medical database enabling subscribers to store medical information for emergency access. The wristbands are available in a range of colours and sizes. They are also designed to break when enough force is applied to prevent snagging or catching injuries.  Medibands are comfortable, fun to wear and look great!


Mediband is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, registration number 4050018308.  The NDIS has approved Mediband for the capital supports in 4.2 Assistive products for personal care and safety; and 4.3 Communication and Information equipment.

Discounts are provided to seniors, hospitals, pharmacies, schools and other support organisations.

Quick Facts About The Region

Mediband is located in the suburb of St Leonards, the council of North Sydney and the federal electorate of North Sydney.