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About Us

Founded by a group of five women volunteers, Heads Over Heels is passionately devoted to increasing the representation of women entrepreneurs in Australia, reducing gender inequality and promoting positive women role models for men and women alike. While much valuable headway has been made in improving diversity and female representation of women at senior levels in corporate roles, less attention has been given to promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs or addressing the root causes of their underrepresentation relative to men.

In Australia, women are starting businesses at the same rate as men,(*), however, statistics from around the world show that women-led businesses do not prosper at anywhere near the same rate as male-led businesses.(**) Tackling this imbalance requires positively changing societal views on women to reduce deeply entrenched gender inequality and taking practical steps to address disadvantages faced by women entrepreneurs.

Heads Over Heels’ believes that one of the most important determinants of business success is an entrepreneur’s access to critical business networks and that women are less likely to have access to the same powerful networks as men for a range of structural reasons. Heads Over Heels addresses this imbalance by opening up the networks of our men and women volunteer Connectors to women entrepreneurs in order to meaningfully improve their probability of success and help change the statistics for the better.

* Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey, 2010 ** EY independent study “Force Multipliers, How three fundamental adaptations can help women entrepreneurs scale big” 2014

Quick Facts About The Region

Heads Over Heels is located in the suburb of Sydney, the council of Sydney and the federal electorate of Sydney.