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About Us

More Than Five Decades of Experience Since 1965, Kempsey Children's Services has been a community-based and -managed centre. We have always strived for excellent educational standards and accreditations so that we can provide the best care for our local children. Our Philosophy Our company philosophy is based on the belief that children grow and develop through social construction, interactions with others and the environment around them. As children develop their own interests, understandings and identities, we help them find their sense of belonging within their family, the community and our own facility. Celebrate Success We believe it is important to celebrate as a child begins to find their own sense of self and "being" in the world. Our team embraces every success as each child discovers their own unique strengths, weaknesses and identities. We provide these strong foundations so children can become upstanding members of society as they grow. Working Together Kempsey Children's Services understands that for a child to succeed, educators, staff members, families and management all need to have an active role and sense of ownership in the strength and abilities of the child. If everyone is on the same page, the child has a higher chance of success and a more complete sense of belonging.

Quick Facts About The Region

Kempsey Children's Services is located in the suburb of Kempsey, the council of Kempsey and the federal electorate of Cowper.