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About Us

CatholicCare is a large multidisciplinary not-for-profit agency operating in the Canberra and surrounding Southern NSW region.  Our communities include; Lake Cargelligo to the west, to Eden in the south, across the Snowy Mountains, Canberra and up to Goulburn. We are proud of our history stemming from a small volunteer base in the 1950’s to the agency that we are today.

What does CatholicCare do?

CatholicCare runs approximately 50 programs and services throughout Canberra, and the surrounding Southern NSW Regions. We are especially dedicated to increasing our services into the regional communities within our Archdiocese.

Our programs are mostly Government funded but every little bit helps us to help those in need. Donations are always welcome.

Helping people involves valuing, strengthening, assisting, supporting and caring for people who are less advantaged in our community. This is what CatholicCare does.

We have programs which operate under the following service areas

Youth, Mental Health, Homelessness and Family Support Programs, Disability & Aged Care, Counselling, Regional & Family Services, Co-morbidity & Housing

Do I have to be Catholic to use any of the programs or services?

The answer is No. CatholicCare provides services to all members of our community.

We ensure equitable access to all individuals using our service.

Every Day at CatholicCare

We have around 220 staff and our agency and staff are driven by our Vision, Mission & Values.


Our vision is for an equitable society where the rights, dignity and worth of all individuals are recognised and promoted.


CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn is the welfare arm of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. In keeping with the Catholic Church’s Social teachings we uphold the dignity of each person by:

  • providing high quality accessible services
  • empowering individuals, couples and families
  • promoting healthy, inclusive communities through relationships and collaboration for the common good.



Respect – We recognise and provide services that uphold the inherent dignity of each individual.

Stewardship – We use our gifts and resources in a responsible way that helps provide justice for all.

Solidarity – We commit ourselves to work with others in a way that enables all in our comunity to share in the common good.

Excellence – We aspire to the highest standards of service for the people we care for, in all that we do and for all in our community.

Quick Facts About The Region

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn - Red Hill Office is located in the suburbs of Braddon and Canberra Central, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.