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About Us

We provide information, support meetings, referral for children, adolescents and adults with ADD/ADHD.

Our aims and objectives are to create community awareness of the condition by providing:

  • Access to information and reference material
  • Support and sharing experiences, e.g. parenting or school issues
  • Newsletters - minimum of four a year;
  • Reduced rate of entry into seminars on the subject;
  • Extensive Library which also includes videos & audio tapes;
  • Qualified speakers who understand about ADHD;
  • Advocating on behalf of ADHD families e.g. with politicians or government;
  • Making available a telephone support service and, in some cases of crisis,  instant support;
  • Providing a sympathetic ear;
  • Sharing experiences;
  • Information gathering;
  • Networking with other groups.

Give yourself permission to not go it alone. Join a support group, it is difficult trying to raise an ADHD child without support. Get to know other parents who are or have been facing the same challenges as you are. Exchange ideas and stories and learn to "be there" for each other.

ADDACT meetings are held at the Pearce Centre, SHOUT Large Meeting Room, Bldg 1, Collett Place, Pearce (follow the signs with our logo). Meetings are usually held first Sunday of every Month, 2-5pm, (unless otherwise specified).    We try to have a guest speaker at meetings; otherwise we will have a chat session where people can talk about specific problems and issues in a round-table discussion.

Quick Facts About The Region

Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group Inc Canberra/Queanbeyan is located in the suburbs of Pearce and Woden Valley, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.