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About Us

This School Education Program (SEP) is based on the original core program that MIEACT was founded on 25 years ago. It is best designed for students or young people in Years 9-12. This program is delivered by pairs of MIEACT Volunteer Educators, who are people with lived experience either themselves or as a carer of someone with a mental illness. Volunteers are trained and supported to deliver the program into schools and other youth environments.

The program provides students and teachers with evidenced-based information used to broaden the student’s knowledge about mental illness. Each student is provided with a resource Hang On To This (HOTT magazine) which contains contact information for services which can assist young people and other stories and activities aimed at engaging young people.


Students will have an understanding as to how common mental illness is, and its relationship to physical illness. They will understand more about the stigma around mental illness and why stigma exists. Students will learn how to deal with stigma; They will find out who to ask for help and where to get help; They will learn it’s never too late to get help and will learn multiple strategies for getting help and the various recovery processes involved.


The program is designed for regular classroom sizes of up to 25 students, who are of all genders in Years 9 and 10. Student content has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education and is also suitable for use in pastoral care or well-being programs.


  • Stigma
  • They are not alone if they have mental illness
  • Statistics
  • Mental Health versus Physical Health
  • Two personal “live experience”stories, told by MIEACT Volunteer Educators
  • The HOTT – Hang On To This  resource and its contents
  • Getting help and common barriers
  • Help available in your school
  • The Wallet Card
  • Mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education

Quick Facts About The Region

Mental Illness Education ACT is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and City, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.