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About Us

Hireup is an online platform revolutionising the way Australians with disability find, hire and manage their own support workers. For too long, people with disability have had to accept support work on someone else's terms. So we're taking a new approach and we're doing it by investing in technology.

We're proud to have built a platform that is secure and easy to use, transparent and flexible. A system that matches people with disability and support workers not just on qualification but on shared interests. Good support work is about more than just the right credentials. We believe that bringing people with disability and support workers together over their own common ground, whatever it may be, will encourage meaningful connections, enduring relationships and (ultimately) healthy communities.

For people with disability and their families, Hireup allows users to manage their own employment relationships with support workers. We take care of administrative back end functions like tax and super payments, insurance, payroll and workplace health and safety so you don't have to.

For support workers, Hireup is an easy way to find flexible, meaningful work. As an employee of Hireup, we are responsible for some of the more complicated legal and administrative burdens of being a support worker (payroll, insurance), freeing you up to manage your own workload and client team.

Our story Hireup founders, Jordan and Laura O'Reilly, understand how tricky it can be to find great support workers all too well. Growing up as the siblings of a brother with disability, the family often found themselves experiencing the challenges of having to accept care and support on someone else's terms. Jordan then worked as a support worker while studying Occupational Therapy at university and experienced the equally frustrating feeling of turning up for a shift as a worker knowing very little about the person he was there to support.

With the growing understanding that greater transparency, flexibility and empowerment was not just needed, but craved for on both sides of the support work fence, Jordan and Laura soon turned their insight into practice. Since its official launch in January 2015, Hireup has been both welcomed and valued by people with disability, their families and support workers, and continues to grow with the help of the community's thoughtful and engaged feedback.

Quick Facts About The Region

Hireup is located in the suburb of Greenwich, the council of Lane Cove and the federal electorate of North Sydney.