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The Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides sleep counselling and advice services to people experiencing difficulty sleeping. Services include:

Sleep for Children

Give your child and the whole family a good night's sleep.

Many children with physical or neurological disabilities suffer from sleep disturbance. 

Children need good sleep for their physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Your child will receive the best interventions from our experienced therapists and psychologists, including recommendations of sleep systems if appropriate.

Sleep for Teens and Adults

Everyone needs good sleep for:

  • growth and development
  • general health
  • energy for daily activities
  • mood and well being
  • social and family interaction
  • memory and learning
  • attention and concentration.

Many factors contribute to sleep difficulties, including musculo-skeletal pain and spasms, inability to change body position during the night, epilepsy and vision impairment.

Find the expert help you need from:


Sleep Systems

The right position in bed contributes to a good night's sleep and that's where a sleep system may help.

People with a physical disability can experience extra challenges with sleeping. It may be caused by pain or decreased ability to change position throughout the night for comfort.

Some people find a sleep system useful. This can be commercial or customised equipment that supports your body in the best position for a comfortable and safe night's sleep.

Our therapists can explore and discuss with you which sleep systems best suits you or your child's needs. We'll look at what you currently use and suggest different ways of sleeping and/or use of the equipment and sometimes suggest a new bed, mattress or sleep system.

All these services can be accessed via your NDIS package.

Quick Facts About The Region

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is located in the suburbs of Belconnen and Scullin, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Fenner.