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About Us

The MIEACT PTSD Awareness Workshop is a first step for organisations wanting to become a trauma-informed workplace. 

The program is valuable for frontline staff and people who regularly liaise with the broader community. It raises awareness as well as providing practical tools to help understand PTSD - one of Australia's most commonly experienced mental health problems. The workshop provides participants with up-to-date information on trauma, information on potentially traumatic events that may lead to trauma illness, current best practice therapy, how to assist someone to get effective therapy and how to support a person to ensure therapeutic intervention is working for them. 

The program aims to:

  • reduce stigma associated with PTSD and trauma related illness
  • explore the impacts of PTSD on a person
  • educate about supportive behaviours
  • encourage help-seeking behaviour  


The workshops are developed in partnership with the Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health (ACPMH). They centre on eight personal stories from local people who have direct experience, and have been impacted by trauma and the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. There is an emphasis on practical support for those working with people impacted by trauma. 

The Workshops explore:

  • the effects of PTSD on the individual, the family and the broader community
  • the prevalence of PTSD in Australian settings 
  • strategies for individuals and organisations to assist services users and colleagues in relation to understanding trauma


Workshop Participants will learn how to:

  • encourage help-seeking behaviour by informing participants of what to look for in a therapeutic relationship, and what treatments work most effectively
  • look at ways to decrease barriers to help seeking behaviour
  • find and use tools to assist them in ascertaining if someone needs support
  • support a person impacted by PTSD and identify what other supports may be needed


Lived experience

Sharing personal stories of people with lived experience of PTSD in digital short story or film format helps workshop participants to connect in a positive way to the material presented. 

MIEACT understands there is potential for audience members to be affected by trauma, and aims to deliver the workshops in a safe and respectful way in relation to mental health considerations including gender, sexual identity, culture and religion. MIEACT works in close collaboration with services and individuals to ensure this quality is maintained.

Workshop Details:

MIEACT’s PTSD workshops will be presented either at your workplace or at a suitable venue if needed. They are presented by a skilled and qualified clinician with a background in trauma work and teaching.

The workshops are:

  • three hours duration (including tea break)
  • accommodate groups of about twelve participants 
  • include a manual with practical information and support methods
  • are a practical step in providing trauma-informed workplace practices
  • ACT Health funds MIEACT to deliver these workshops at no charge to your organisation or community group (there will be a cost if venue hire is required)

Quick Facts About The Region

Mental Illness Education ACT is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and City, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.